COVID-19 Protocols

What are we doing to keep you (and us) healthy & safe?


We have adapted and practice all COVID-19 safety measures. Including: Air Quality, Sanitization, Personal Protection, Health Screening, Physical Distancing and Tempearture Checks.

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The Neighbourhood Clinic is a multi-disciplinary clinic. We have been serving the community of Mount Pleasant Village since 2003. At The Neighbourhood Clinic you will receive customize, one on one care in a calm and inviting environment. Let us optimize your health and return to Pain-Free Living


Registered Massage Therapy




Low intensity laser therapy

Shockwave Therapy


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Not quite sure how to start healing?

Contact us to book a free one-on-one conversation to determine how to begin your journey back to health.

We will suggest a clear plan as to which services you would most benefit from and with what frequency you can expect.

Why Choose The Neighbourhood Clinic

At The Neighbourhood Clinic you will receive customized, one-on-one care in a calm and inviting environment. Let us help you to optimize your health and return to Pain Free Living.

We offer state of the art rehabilitative technologies as well as traditional healing therapies, administered by experienced and caring practitioners who are fantastic at what they do.
We work to prevent, assess, diagnose & rehabilitate dysfunction to achieve your health goals.

Eliminate pain & restriction
Increase mobility & alignment
Accelerate healing & restore balance

We Care. You See the Results.


“Professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Great results with massage and physiotherapy.”

— Frank P.

“I used laser therapy and massage therapy to heal faster and break downs scar tissue. I highly recommend.”

— Greg H.

“That was the best massage I have ever had!”

— Ruth M.

“Best massage ever! 5 stars”

— Nichola F.

“I love this clinic. The massage therapists are amazing!”

— Darlene D.

“Super staff who really care about their patients. Great environment for healing.”

— Julie L.

“I find this clinic so calming. Can I just book time to come here to nap?”

— Aimee N.

“Ok, it’s official. That was the best back massage that I’ve ever had!”

— Rick C.

“I was pain free for the first time in years when I left the clinic last week.”

— Cathy S.

“This place feels like a family instead of a clinic. Thank you!”

— Bevin H.

“One stop shop for health and wellness. Love this place!”

— Jennifer V.

“Outstanding and professional care. I highly recommend.”

— Jody P.

“I absolutely love this clinic; so professional and knowledgeable!”

— Reema A.

“A great clinic with caring and compassionate staff. I highly recommend.”

— Julie H.

“The Clinic has been instrumental in my total recovery after two knee replacements.”

— “The Clinic has been instrumental in my total recovery after two knee replacements.”
Greg H.

"Knowledgeable and supportive staff, who REALLY care about your health and wellness.“

— Terri L.

"The staff are amazing. They contribute in so many ways to the community they serve.”

— Brad C.