We had decided to close The Neighbourhood Clinic for 2 weeks on March 18th in an attempt to promote social distancing and help stop the spread of the coronavirus virus.

As a result of the most recent government mandate, the earliest date on which we are permitted to re-open is Wednesday, April 8th.  From the information that we have today, this date is subject to change (potentially more than once) and does not seem to be a realistic time for us to re-open. With that in mind:

We have decided to close the clinic until further notice thus cancelling all existing appointments.

Once an official date to re-open is confirmed we will be calling you to reschedule your appointment.

We are continuing to respond to voicemail and email regularly. Please contact us if there is anything we can do to help you until we see you again at the clinic.

We are offering Telehealth Options for those who have reached out to us and may require some level of assistance before we officially open the The Neighbourhood Clinic. If you are interested in our Telehealth Options, please email or call to set up a date and time with your practitioner.

Touching Base:                         10 minute chat No charge
Physiotherapy:                         30 minute consultation  $40
Osteopathy:                             30 minute consultation  $40 
Naturopathy:                           30 minute consultation  $90, 60 minute consultation  $125

In case you are not aware, naturopathic appointments have always been available via phone or online, excluding the initial physical exam. With the current climate in mind, some or all of the payments collected for telehealth services at the clinic will be donated to assist in the efforts to fight COVID-19.

We have been responding to patient’s questions and posting some answers on our Facebook and Instagram pages and will post them to our blog. Hopefully, you may find this information helpful during your home isolation.

Some of the most recent topics being:

Managing your anxiety
Running mistakes to avoid
Reducing stiffness and muscle tension – full body stretches
Preventing aches and pains from text neck – neck stretches
Ergonomic work stations

We miss you and hope to get back to normal routines as soon as possible.