What are we doing to keep you (and us) healthy & safe?

Air Quality

  • Air purification units have been placed in each treatment room, the washroom and in
    the reception area.Each unit runs continually throughout the day.
  • *Continuous air circulation filtration runs throughout the clinic.


  • *Thorough disinfection of each treatment room occurs after every appointment.
  • *Sanitization logs are kept for the common areas and for each treatment room.
  • *Hand sanitizer is available throughout the clinic.
  • *We encourage patients to wash hands upon arrival.

 Personal Protection

  • *All practitioners wear medical grade masks & glasses or face shields.
  • *All patients are required to wear a disposable or reusable face mask for the length of
    their visit to the clinic.
  • *A plexiglass barrier has been placed at the reception desk.

 Health Screening

  • *A health screening questionnaire is asked of each patient while booking appointments.
  • *The questionnaire is repeated upon arrival to the clinic for every appointment.
  • *Practitioners fill out a workday questionnaire upon arrival at the clinic.
  • *Practitioners and patients’ temperatures are taken upon arrival at the clinic.
  • *All visitors are asked to sign the visitor’s log upon time of arrival and exit for contact tracing purposes.

 Physical Distancing

  • *Appointments are being booked with spacing to minimize patient interaction.
  • *Patients are asked to arrive at the time of the appointment, not early.
  • *There are only 2 chairs in the reception area, 2 metres apart.
  • *Patients are asked to come alone to their appointment.

 Temperature Check

  • *Practitioners check their temperature upon arrival at the clinic.
    *Patients’ temperatures are checked with a touches thermometer upon arrival at the clinic.