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Cupping is an ancient Chinese treatment method that is utilized to increase circulation of blood and lymph vessels and to help remove a build up of toxins that have accumulated in the body due to dysfunction or obstruction. By using suction the plastic or glass cups are placed on the skin of the affected areas. These cups are kept on from 5 to 15 minutes. Length of treatment depends on the severity the problem and the patient’s tolerance.

According to the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), when we encounter a problem in the body , there is a blockage of Qi at certain points along the corresponding energy meridians. Cupping intends to address and remove the stagnation and pressure by removing the blockages.

Cupping has also been shown to stimulate visceral organ function for the stomach, kidneys and liver by stimulating the reflex zones of the skin. Studies have also shown that cupping stimulates the immune function through suction by releasing histamine-like substances in the skin.

Some benefits of cupping

  • relief from pain
  • promotion of relaxation
  • promotion of healing after an injury
  • clear, flawless skin
  • improved digestion
  • relief from respiratory conditions
  • detoxification

Cupping has been found to be helpful in relieving muscular tension (increased tonicity) and increasing circulation for various musculoskeletal conditions. Medically, the negative pressure or suction stimulates local tissues mechanically and therefore increases the local tissue metabolism thus intensifying the healing response. Cupping relieves pain caused by increased muscular tone as well. The suction produced will pull the muscle fibres into the cup (passive stretch effects) resulting in pain relief. It also moves the blood from within the muscle towards the surface of the skin causing an ‘ungluing’ of the tight and painful muscle.

Cupping therapy can be incorporated into acupuncture, physiotherapy or massage therapy treatments; please feel free to ask. It’s a safe and effective addition.