KinesioTape is a specialized cotton fibre tape, stretchable in only one direction applied directly to the skin for the relief of pain and the increase of mobility.

KinesioTaping gives support and stability to joints without restricting circulation or range of motion and creates an increase in interstitial space which allows for swelling to move out of an area.

Skin contains a number of sensors which send information such as pressure, pain and location in space to the brain. Pain travels to the brain on a specific type of sensory fibre at a specific speed.

KinesioTape stimulates skin sensors to allow messages to travel faster to the brain thereby interrupting pain receptors.

kinesiotaping 1Treatment Protocol

KinesioTape is applied directly to the skin and will stay on for 3-4 days. It is waterproof, breathable and contains no latex. It is usually combined with LILT or myofascial release.

KinesioTape Certification

KinesioTaping is a specialized post-graduate course which requires 3 levels of certification. The therapist is required to complete an exam to be certified with the KinesioTaping Association.

kinesiotaping 2

Benefits of KinesioTaping

  1. Decreased pain
  2. Decreased swelling and edema
  3. Increased relaxation of overused and tired muscles
  4. Supports joints while improving posture
  5. Improves sports/activity performance