oil and bikeWhile paddling out of Algonquin Park (what a blessing that beautiful territory is), I was thinking about the value of preventative care. This is definitely not a novel analogy, and please forgive me if you’ve heard it
before, but I thought it worthy of reconsideration, particularly as we spy spring on the horizon, finally!

We take our cars and bikes in for preventative care. Even if it’s a simple oil change or chain cleaning, it’s an opportunity for the mechanic to give it a good once over … making sure the brakes are working, advising us on routine maintenance, etc. Certainly if we hear a funny noise, we’ll take it in to get it checked out – sometimes choosing to live with the problem if it’s not severe, other times investing in doing something to make the vehicle run better. And sometimes the mechanic might have some advice on how to avoid that problem in the future.

Many of us use our dentists in a similar way … the semi-annual cleaning and check-up keeps us accountable (do you notice an increased frequency of flossing immediately before and after dentist appointments? I do!) and catches problems before they become bigger.

Naturopathic care can serve the same purpose. Although most of my clients come to see me when there’s a problem – and I’m always happy to support people’s pursuit of healing from a concern, whether acute, recurring or chronic -preventative maintenance helps to keep concerns from emerging or exploding.

books and instrumentsLike seeing the dentist, or taking your car or bike in for a tune-up, investing in a seasonal or semi-annual hour with a naturopathic doctor can keep good habits on track. By reviewing the “pillars of health” – diet, exercise and sleep habits, and sources of stress (and strategies of managing it effectively) – and setting individualized goals, you are more able to commit to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Going through a “review of systems” – a head-to-toe overview of your body’s functions … much like a mechanic’s once over of your car or bicycle – can bring attention to niggling little things that may be more easily addressed when not full-blown. An adjustment of supplements or herbs based on shifting seasons and individual susceptibility keeps you from rotely taking the same thing for months and months – never a good idea.

My job is not only to keep you from being sick, but to help you to optimize your health so you can live as full and rich a life as possible. Preventative visits allow me the opportunity to support you in this goal … one of my favourite aspects of my work! Seasonal transitions are a great time for these… I look forward to seeing you and your family in the clinic!