reflexology 1

Reflexology is a gentle treatment that works by applying pressure to specific points on the feet and hands. Each reflex point corresponds to a specific part, gland or organ of the body.

Working these sites stimulates the nerve endings and blood circulation as well as alleviating stress and tension held in the body.

Compressing the reflexes on the top, bottom, inside and outside edges of the feet helps the body expel toxins, release tension and restore the body to a natural state of balance.

Treatment Protocol

  • Treatment time is 60 minutes
  • Recommended 1-2 times a week until the condition stabilizes
  • Once a month for maintenance or stress relief

reflexology 2Reflexologist Training

Reflexologists are required to pass a 100-hour certification exam and be registered with the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario. Reflexologists are also required to be licensed by the City of Toronto.

Benefits of Reflexology

  1. Relaxation with the removal of stress
  2. Enhanced circulation
  3. Assists the body to normalize metabolism naturally
  4. Complements all other healing modalities