The Neighbourhood Clinic offers a wide range of wellness services.  Below is a short description of these services.
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The Neighbourhood Clinic massage

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine believes illness and pain to be an imbalance in your yin and yang and energy flow (qi). Needle stimulation along meridian lines can therapeutically influence internal organs and qi to treat chronic or acute disease/injury.


With kinesiotaping as an addition to injury rehabilitation treatments, patients report more immediate relief.

Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT)

Low Intensity Laser Therapy is the latest in rehabilitative technology to heal and repair tissue. All tissue is made of a number of cells. These cells absorb light energy effectively. Laser stimulation promotes normal cell function and enhances the body’s innate healing process.

Naturopathic Medicine

In Naturopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) look to find and address the root cause of illness while alleviating symptoms. Symptoms of disease are considered early warning signals of improper functioning of the body and unfavourable lifestyle habits.

Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathy is based on a precise sense of palpation (touch) which frees restrictions in our body’s tissues to restore normal function. Osteopaths determine the cause of pain and dysfunction rather than concentrate solely on the symptoms.


Physiotherapy combines in-depth knowledge of how the body works with specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat symptoms of illness, injury or disability. With the patient’s independence in mind, a physiotherapist’s goal is to restore, maintain and maximize your strength, function, movement and overall well-being.

Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy uses Swedish massage techniques to manipulate the soft tissues of the body to aid in relaxation or injury rehabilitation.

Other massage therapies include:

  • Thai Massage is a combination of acupressure, yoga and meditation. It is commonly referred to as a passive form of yoga.
  • NISA Therapy or Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment, is a deep-tissue fascial technique that is used to address postural concerns or dysfunction.
  • Myofascial Release (MFR) is a very effective hands-on technique that provides sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

Trigenics Myoneural Medicine

Trigenics integrates eastern and western philosophy to reset the communication pathway from the brain to the rest of the body. Muscle strength and length are increased to create optimal function and body balance.